Our mission is to capture your memories and relationships

and eternalize them in timeless decorative pieces.

We specialize in creating quality, artistic portraits

to be displayed in your home with pride

and cherished for generations.

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Main Photographer: Marco Antonio da Silva



Assistant: Victória da Silva

Studio Manager & Second Photographer: Rebeca da Silva




“Why a professional wedding photographer? Monte Zucker was likely the best wedding photographer of all times, and one of my mentors, he said: “The well informed Bride is a happy bride and a friend” My own experience proves that to be true. Wedding photography is a big deal. I don’t take it lightly, and I don’t think brides should either. That album will be the only thing left 10 or 20 years from now. It is important that the bride and the groom sit down with their potential photographer(s), talk to 2 or 3, get informed and make sure you like and feel confident with your choice of a photographer. Trusting your big day to a professional is important. His / her experience will save you much headache. Ideally you are recommended to your photographer by a  previously satisfied bride. A friend, whom you trust. 99% of my business happen because of recommendation. We shouldn’t pick up a doctor by surfing the internet, you shouldn’t trust what you see on a website to select a photographer either.

“What experience does Marco have?” I started assisting a professional photographer in the early 90’s when I lived in Toronto. Barri Boyer became a great friend, and he was a master not only with the technical aspect of photography but with people and relationships. It was a privilege to build my foundation based on his mentorship. From there, it was the time put into continue learning and practice of the art as a whole.

“What packages do you offer, and what is the cost?” We have learned that couples like the freedom and flexibility of a customized package. If all they want is the service of my photographic coverage, I can offer just that. If on the other hand they want albums, wall portrait canvas, and other products, they can have that also. In any case, given all the variables, the best thing is to sit down with Marco or your potential photographers and talk about the details of the day first. Again you need to like your photographer and feel confident and comfortable with him.

“What are the albums you offer?” GraphiStudio” has been my choice of albums supplier for many years. It is the world’s largest album supplier, and they command refined Italian quality and competitive prices for it. The size, number of pages, type of paper and cover are all details that can be thought off after the wedding. I have found that it saves the couple’s time when I draft the design of the album first. I use the best 40 to 60 images that tell the story of the day, retouch and then start discussing with the couple possible adjustments before ordering. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks for delivery after the final design is approved by you.

“What is the bridal session?” The bridal is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. I make the time for that, and it is included in my base cost. It is a “dry run” for getting ready on the day of the wedding. Which means that you should bring all the garments and undergarments you'll be wearing, get your hair styled, apply makeup, wear jewelry and bring flowers just as if it were your wedding day. Expect to be pampered, because a bridal study may be emotionally and physically draining for the bride. For that reason, I suggest that your appointment be made during the time of the day that you are at your best and freshest. I have a selection of music to play during the bridal study to set the mood and relax. However, I encourage you to bring your favorite to help you relax and get you into your regal mood.

“Why is the engagement session important?” We will work better together if we practice beforehand, and the e-session is the best opportunity we have. No time pressure, or people watching. We have fun doing this, you will know how to help me create the candid look. Besides, this session will give us images for your album, “save the date cards”, the “guest’s signature frame”, and even prints to give away at your wedding.

“What to do to ensure the formal portrait session go smoothly?” Remember that we don’t know all the people who are important to you and should be in the formal portraits. But by you listing the name of the people you would like to have in the groups and better yet even arrange having a person to help keeping them by the altar help us shorten the time considerably. I don’t recommend a receiving line after the ceremony, be greeted at the reception. It is a good idea to have the elderly folks stand up only once for the formals. We think about that when organizing the groups.

“What is your photographic style?” The e-session and the bridal portrait session will help me understand the bride’s personality and style, and learn the type of images that appeal to her best. I will use that learning to think about the final album before the wedding starts. There will be black and white for the photojournalistic portion of the preparation. But mostly true colors, and few with special effects such as high-contrast, and aged images. In general, a very classic photographic look.

“Any other considerations?” We dress in black on the day of the wedding and keep a very low key manner as we move minimally and quietly about the event. Some churches may be more restrict and limit photographers from properly cover the ceremony. Make sure you are aware of that before being surprised.

Whatever question wasn’t covered here, send me an e-mail or come meet me for a no obligation consultation. I usually have Monday evenings open for that purpose

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